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Katherine Trouern-Trend is a Youth Services Librarian at the Hartford Public Library in Hartford, CT. She began her career as a Children’s Library Assistant at the Hartford Public Library in January 2003 and was promoted to her current position in May 2003, where she has managed youth services at multiple branch libraries. Since, 2005 she has managed and facilitated multiple grant initiatives and was selected for the library’s grant writing team in 2010. Katherine’s areas of interest and expertise are information literacy, open learning, teen services, digital media, family literacy, and community outreach.

Katherine is a recognized expert in teen space design, innovative services, service to multicultural populations and has been recruited to serve in multiple professional capacities based on her strong orientation to high impact public service.

Katherine considers her customers to be her greatest source of inspiration and motivation in helping her to shape the future of libraries. She values and appreciates her customer’s interests and needs and endeavors to create opportunities for their  learning and achievement.

Katherine  is a 2010 graduate of Simmons College GSLIS . She lives in Northern, CT.

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